Malham Cove Village

Above the village of Malham, Malham Cove is a magnificent limestone amphitheatre formed through ice and water erosion during the last million years. A section of the Pennine Way leads from Malham Village to the Cove, ascending the western grassy side of the 250-feet high cliff. At the top there is a remarkable limestone pavement with its clints (small flat blocks) and grikes (deep crevices between), and a sensational view over the valley. Beyond, the Dry Valley leads northwards towards the Water Sinks and Malham Tarn.

Turner visited Malham Cove twice: in 1808, when making a visit to the Craven Dales area where he sketched around Ingleton and Malham, and again in 1816 during his extensive tour of Yorkshire.  As well as Turner, Malham has inspired artists and writers such as Ward, Wordsworth and Kingsley, with its stunning cliffs, crags and scars.

The Traddock Hotel in Yorkshire

The Traddock Hotel is ideal for Visiting Malham village and Malham Cove.