We recycle and separate as much of our waste as possible:-

Cardboard and paper waste is crushed & baled and donated to Settle Swimming Pool project. Cardboard from the community is then sold to a local recycler and the funds raised used to keep our local swimming pool open.

Plastic and metal containers are separated from our main waste and recycled. Glass is separated and collected by the local council for recycling. We have reduced over 40% of our waste going to landfill by separating our rubbish.

Our kitchen oil is collected by the Clapham Community Cooperative group who recycle the oil into Bio-diesel.

We have paper recycling bins where all our newspapers and paper are placed. We also re-use paper so both sides are used when printing reports and other internal documents so that we further reduce our paper usage.


We recycle our ink cartridges by sending them to a charity called Tommy's. This helps them raise money to carry out necessary research for the wellbeing of babies before they are born.

We have joined up with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust ( to donate funds to support their woodland restoration project and donate the costs of planting native broadleaf trees in the Yorkshire Dales. We have planted 32 trees (2012-2013) so far and will continue to donate via a number of guest support activities.

The team here are involved in a wide range of charity fund raising with £680 raised in 2012-2013 for our chosen charity's Heart UK, RSPB, Champion Bowland and Guides Dogs for the Blind.

Environmentally Friendly

In July 2013 we changed the hotel’s heating and hot water systems to a more sustainably fuelled wood pellet boiler, benefitting from lower fuel costs, lower carbon emissions and much improved heating and hot water systems.

By choice we have selected and work with GreenMyBusiness, who provide us with a range of ecologically sound chemicals and products that are used in the cleaning of the hotel.  

We have had our outside flood lights changed to loxa lights. They are low heat, save 40% on energy costs, instant start and have recyclable mercury capsules. Our other outside signage now uses LED technology to further reduce energy usage.

Using Local Suppliers, Organic Foods And Fairtrade

We have enjoyed developing a strong working relationship with many excellent local farmers and groups who are all also committed to quality and sustainable farming practices. All our suppliers are as local as possible so that food miles are kept to a minimum.

We have created and then extended in 2013 our own herb and vegetable garden that provides some of our herbs, vegetables and garnishes. The land we have available is small so we also work with Growing with Grace, a local organic growing cooperative 2 miles away, who provide us with freshly picked seasonal vegetables and are experimenting with growing ‘heritage’ varieties not normally seen and often specifically for us.

With Growing with Grace we work with local schools to help educate and inform on food issues, healthy eating etc. This is reinforced with competitions leading to winners using their recipes in our Restaurant.

Potatoes are provided seasonally by the Clapham Community Cooperative just 1.5 miles away in the next village.

Our eggs are organic and come from a local supplier in the next Dale.

We have a wine list with 70% (and growing) of our wines organic and the majority produced traditionally via bio-dynamic principles.

We have a wide selection of fair-trade products such as our tea, coffee, cocoa and sugar.

Our list of ‘where does it all come from’ can be found under our dining section of our website.

Saving Energy And Water

We use Ecover washing liquids in our own on site laundry and use energy & water efficient Girbau equipment. Eco-pure is so mild we do not use a softener and save significant quantities of water.

We use a new unique bacterial digester for our gent’s toilets therefore saving on water wastage as the urinal does not need to be flushed as often.

We have installed a water purifier that allows us to provide cost effective local still and sparkling water in reusable but stylish branded litre bottles. This water is used in the bedrooms and restaurant and has reduced our annual glass waste by 46% since installation in 2009.

All new equipment purchased for the hotel has market leading energy efficiency and most are listed on the governments Energy Efficiency Register.

We use low energy lighting throughout most of the hotel and have an ongoing program of fitting LED lighting during refurbishment of our rooms and public spaces. To date we have converted 8 rooms and 45% of our public spaces to this excellent low energy and high lifespan lighting source.

Homemade Produces

Our kitchen team make as much 'home-made' as possible with bread, jams, fruit compotes, yoghurt, cereals, biscuits and cakes all being made on site by our very talented chefs.

Reducing Waste

We compost our garden cuttings, kitchen peelings and other organic kitchen waste which is used to fertilise our flowerbeds and vegetable garden.

In our bedrooms for the guests we supply refillable Molton Brown toiletries which are left in the room for the next guest. By refilling these we reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste.

Future Plans

Our existing loft insulation is also to be improved using natural wool solutions.

We continue to invest in more energy efficient LED lighting throughout the hotel where we haven’t yet fitted any. Areas particularly of interest are new dimmable LED light systems for our public rooms.

We are planning rolling repairs and upgrades to our many listed sash windows, fitting draft strips during their refurbishment and improving their fit so we reduce heat loss in the winter.