Sparkling Wines & Champagnes

1. DO Cava, Petit Albet i Noya, Brut. Organic  (Spain)
The first winemaker in Spain to go organic back in 1978 resulting in vines that are robust resulting in great flavours.  This typical and classy cava has generous fruit characters and a fine mousse. A real crowd pleaser.
Bottle £27.00

2 . Prosecco DOC Galeotti NV, (Italy)
Exciting and refreshing aperitif packed full of apples, lemons and pear drops
Bottle £28.00 Glass £5.80

3. Phillippe Fourrier Brut, Champagne N.V. (France)
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier.  Finesse and quality are hallmarks of this small growers Carte d'Or Brut. Precise with nots of nectarine lemon and brioche.
Bottle £53.00 Glass £9.50 

4. Henriot Brut Soverain,, Champagne NV  (France)
Boutique and with the quality to stand up to any Grande Marquee. A lively fresh balanced attack with pastry spice and fruity morello cherry candied plum notes. The full texture preceeds a clean refreshing finish marked by citrus fruit aromas.
Bottle £65.00.

5. Malibran Rose Spumante Extra Dry NV. (Italy)
Delightful pink fizz from Malibran. Off-dry, light and fresh with fine and persistent bubbles. Absolutely brimming with with notes of raspberries, so for a romantic evening in for two. 
Bottle £37.00

6. Philippe Fourrier Brut (1/2 Bottle) Champagne NV (France)
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier. Finesse and quality are hallmarks of this small growers Carte d'Or Brut. Precise with notes of nectarine lemon and brioche.
1/2 Bottle £27.00 glass £9.50

White Wines

7. Les Lesc Blanc VDP. - 2017  (France)
A delicious example of fresh crisp white wine from South West France. Lesc is light and citrussy with grapefuit and herbaceous notes, and a lovely texture.  An ideal aperitif or goes well with lighter dishes.
Bottle £20.00, 175ml glass £5.00

10. Domaine de Cibadies Chardonnay. - 2018  (France)
A classic award-winning French Chardonnay combining power with finesse. Aromatic on the nose and soft and generous on the palate. Complex and very intense nose where the flavours of citrus, peaches, apricots and dried fruits added to vanilla and floral notes
Bottle £26.50, 175ml glass £6.75

11 . VDP, Le Noissette, Domaine Pajot. Organic - 2017  (France)
Yellow slightly straw-coloured.  Typical of this grape variety it presents citrus nuances of quince jam, gingerbread and pear.  The taste is a balance between acidity and moderate sweetness. A great aperitif,  or for those that don’t like dry white wine.               
Bottle £20.00, 175ml glass £5.25

12. Sea Mountain Sauvignon Blanc - 2019  (South Africa)
A Complex aromas of grapefruit lemon grass and citrus. Full on the palate with a hint of tropical fruit and a clean fresh finish.
Bottle £23.00, 175ml glass £6.25

13. Fedele Pinot Grigio/Catarratto Organic - 2019  (Italy)      
AEnormously pleasurable, everything drinking wine with intense citrus and tropical fruit notes. The Catarratto grape adds an exciting depth and richness that brings out the best in the Pinot Grigio.
Bottle £26.50, 175ml glass £6.50

14. Emma M Louise Picpoul de Pinet - 2018  (France)
'Picpoul' translates literally as 'lip stinger': this old-fashioned Languedoc grape produces wonderfully crisp citrusy wines with great minerality and a taut underlying acidity. This dry refreshing French favourite is the perfect accompainment to all fish and sea food dishes.
Bottle £27.00

17.  Good Hope Chenin Blanc - 2018  (South Africa)
Dry, full bodied, quite rich Chenin from 35 year old bush wines in Helderburg.  With notes of honey sweet apple, quince and a hint of spice this wine is outstanding value for money.  A serious quality wine ideal for those richer food dishes.
Bottle £26.00

18.  Muscadet Sevre et Marne Domaine de Verger - 2016 (France)
An ideal aperitif. Pairs well with fish and shellfish. Also works well as an accompaniment to appetisers, snacks and lighter spring dishes.
Bottle £33.00

19. Dart Valley Reserve, Sharpham Estate 2018 (Devon)
WOff dry wine with rounded mellowness. Ripe lemons nettles and pine needles as well as rhubarb and pear palate with a little quince. Mineral finish.
Bottle £39.00

20. Domaine Mittnacht Dry Reisling Les Fossiles.  Biodynamic - 2016/17  (France)
Dry, steely, mineral white wine from the Germanic Alsace region of France. Notes of greengage, mineral salts, green fruits and earthy scents. A superbly aromatic, savoury and steely white ideal compliment for spicy Asian flavours. 
Bottle £39.00

21. Judith Beck Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc). Biodynamic - 2016/17  (Austria)
Off dry white, aromatic and light bodied.  Notes of tropical fruit and pear drop.  A little residual sugar results in a soft, easy palate with a satisfying zippy acidity.  A great wine for spicy foods or just on its own.  (A delightful fresh wine for those who prefer not too dry).
Bottle £38.00

22. Black Cottage 'Earth Series' Sauvignon Blanc - 2020  (New Zealand)
This sustainably produced classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is fresh and zesty with lots of grapefruit gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours. There is refreshing citrus notes along with leafy and mineral complexity with a long clean finish.
Bottle £38.00

24. Chablis Louis Moreau - 2018  (France)
Elegant refined and chiselled flinty Chardonnay. Louis Moreau has been making excellent stylish food friendly and polished Chablis since 1814 winning major awards with his hallmark flinty fresh balanced wines.
Bottle £42.00

25. Rupe Secca Grillo - 2017 (Italy) 
Grillo has its origins as Marsala but is now vinified as a full-bodied yet crisp white. Excellent accompaniment to seafood dishes. 
Bottle £26.00

26. Domaine Thibert Macon-Fuisse - 2016/17  (France)
Dry, medium bodied white 100% Chardonnay.  Tickled with oak, seamless and subtle.  The wine is very fresh, round, soft and subtle.  Not a 'sledge hammer' chardonnay and as such makes a lovely white on its own but will match well to white meat, risottos and cheeses.
Bottle £42.00

27. Domaine Dauulny Sancerre - 2017  (France)
Pure crisp grassy fruit on the nose hints of blackcurrant leaf. Lean racy and concentrated on the palate with complex flavours of citrus and mineral.
Bottle £42.00

28. Voignier Le Grand Noir - 2018 (France)
A little Chardonnay is added to the blend here giving the wine extra freshness and to complement its delightful mango and apricot flavours. Unoaked it's a truly classy example of Voignier.
Bottle £28.00

29. Domaine Dureuil-Janthial Bourgogne Blanc - 2016  (France)
Dry, full bodied white 100% Chardonnay, oak fermented and aged.  A wine in the classic style, with oak interwoven into the palate to create layers of creamy texture.  Rich in flavours of apricot, vanilla and honey.  Ideal with poultry, game, rich sauces and string cheese.
Bottle £45.00

Rose Wines

30. Le Fruit Defendu, Domaine Magellan. Organic- 2018  (France)
Dry , crisp and Provence in style. A blend of Cinsault and Grenache, and from the Burgundian wine making magicians of Sylvie Legros and Bruno Lafon.
Bottle £28.00, 175ml glass £7.00

32. Malbec/Cabernet – Jean Bousquet. Organic - 2018  (Argentina)
A new and slightly different rose.  It has an elegant salmon colour with aromas of red fruits, with hints of plums and fresh cherries.  The Malbec fruit gives it a light and pleasant sweetness and the Cabernet the structure.  Goes well with seafood, fish, Asian foods and desserts.
Bottle £28.00

33. Chateau Fontainbleau du Var, Ma Cuvee. Biodynamic - 2017 (France)
Dry, medium bodied, expressive Rose with more texture and length than the standard crispy pink.  Soft stone fruits, mature berries and herbs on the nose and palate.  A gorgeous wine for olive oil based Mediterranean food or fish soup.
Bottle £30.00

White Wines - Half Bottles

34. La Fief De La Brie Muscadet Sur Lie. - 2016  (France)
Elegant and fruity Muscadet Sur Lie with fine bubbles due to the 'Sur Lie' vinification. Aromatic wine, round in mouth while remaining very fresh.
½ Bottle £18.00

35. Chablis Louis Moreau - 2018  (France)
Elegant refined and chiselled flinty Chardonnay. Louis Moreau has been making excellent stylish food friendly and polished Chablis since 1814 winning major awards with his hallmark flinty fresh balanced wines.
½ Bottle £22.00

36. Domaine Daulny Sancerre - 2017  (France)
Pure crisp grassy fruit on the nose hints of blackcurrant leaf. Lean racy and concentrated on the palate with complex flavours of citrus and mineral.
1/2 Bottle £22.00

37. Terres Gauda, Albarino, Abadia de San Campio. - 2016  (Italy)
Off dry, medium, crisp, aromatic white.  Fast becoming Spain's signature white grape, Alabrino from the coastal region of Rias Baixas is a charming fruit cocktail wine and matches beautifully with shellfish, especially Crab.
½ Bottle £29.00

Red Wines

41. False Bay Pinotage. - 2016  (South Africa)
Dry, fruity, medium bodied, a bright nose of summer pudding and cram.  The palate has a savoury earthiness redolent of its sandy provenance. Versatile red for meat dishes  
Bottle £21.00, 175ml glass £5.75

42. Emiliana Adobe Merlot. Organic - 2017  (Chile)
Full bodied, bright ruby-red. Aromas of red fruits, berries and black pepper.  The palate is warm with hints of slightly sweet fruit and subtle oak.  Soft and easy to drink.  This wine will go with anything. 
Bottle £22.00, 175ml glass £6.00

43. Sea Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon - 2018  (South Africa)
Mocha-tinged cherry and blackcurrant fruits are the hallmarks of this popular South African red. The taste is rich, round and creamy.  Goes well with all dark meats.
Bottle £25.00, 175ml glass £6.00

44. Rioja Vega Crianza - 2016  (Spain)
This is everything you would expect from a quality Crianza; notes of black cherry liquorice and cinnamon on the nose lead into a long balanced Rioja with good tannin toasted oak and a silky complex palate. full bodied, rich coloured red full of mocha and dark fruit aromas with a full palate of savoury earthiness.  A good wine to compliment all dark meats.
Bottle £25.00, 175ml glass £6.00

45. SunnyCliff Shiraz - 2017  (Australia)
Deep purple in colour you would be hard pressed to find a more Australian wine than this one. With a warm enticing nose of blackberry and liquorice the palate is rich and rounded with juicy soft tannins providing a full-bodied fruit-driven finish. Classic notes of juicy dark berries and subtle oak. Well structured with medium tannins and good length on the finish.
Bottle £28.00

46. Le Grand Noir Malbec - 2019  (Pays d'Oc France)
Deeply coloured soft plummy and black cherry reveals hints of violet. The use of oak is deliberately light to maintain the fruity easy drinkability of the wine. A great marriage of the fruity appeal of Argentine Malbec with the subtler more structured and mineral noted examples from Cahors in France.
Bottle £30.00

47. Terre de Mistal, Cotes Du Rhone. Organic - 2017/18  (France)
Medium bodied, Grenache, Syrah, from Lirac in the Southern Rhone.  A natural wine made with wild yeast.  Low in sulphur and unfiltered giving way for a fresh, wild red fruit and earth scented red wine.  Great for lamb dishes or with strong cheeses.
Bottle £30.00

48. Paolo Leo Passitivo Primitivo Organic - 2016  (Italy)
Quite unique this passitivo produced Primitivo has notes of ripe red fruits, sweet spices and liquorice. The fruit flavours continue on the round and generous palate.
Bottle £34.00

49. Mil Historias Bobal - 2017  (Spain)
A deep cherry color with violet tints. Nose is intense with aromas of ripe red seasonal fruit, subtle hints of violets rosemary and a touch of black pepper.
Bottle £38.00

50. Pask Instinct Pinot Noir - 2017  (New Zealand)
Dark cherry Marlborough Pinot Noir, Blackberries and woody herbs are supported by subtle sweet oak and velvety, fine tannins.
Bottle £38.00

51. Domaine Saint-Remy Pinot Noir Reserve, Organic - 2016 (France)
Aromatic red berries such as redcurrant and raspberry on the palate. Velvety smooth body fully plays into that with light bodied charm.
Bottle £38.00

52. Domaine Lathuiliere Gravallon Brouilly - 2017  (France)
This is the lightest of the Cru Beaujolais wines that Cedric Lauthuiliere makes. Using Gamay from old vines aged around 50 years old the resulting wine has a real depth of colour with cherries and caramel on the nose and fantastic length and balance.
Bottle £36.00

53. Niepoort Drink Me Tinto - 2016  (Portugal)
A great Douro blend expressing crunchy red fruit with depth and freshness. On the palate it is elegantly fruity with a markedly mineral profile.
Bottle £38.00

54. Le Renard Bourgogne Rouge - 2017  (France)
Medium bodied 100% Pinot Noir, the noble grape of Burgundy.  A fine and elegant Burgundy that doesn't disappoint.  In Autumn with seasonal fair a true delight. 
Bottle £45.00

56. Chateau Brun, St-Émilion Grand Cru - 2016  (France)
Beautiful aromatic complexity, while the palate evolves great elegance and roundness, stretching into a beautifully persistent finish.edominantly Merlot, this has the ripeness that makes St-Émilion much more approachable than its left bank cousins. A great wine to compliment beef or venison.
Bottle £42.00

57. Montegiachi Chianti Classico - 2012  (Italy)
This attractive aged Chianti opens with a bouquet of Morello cherry and spice. The palate is complex and earthy offering savoury leather ripe plum fruit and toasty vanilla notes. Perfect on its own or to accompany tomato-based dishes.
Bottle £44.00 

58. OttoBucce Dezzani - 2016  (Italy)
Literally meaning '8 skins' Ottobucce refers to the 8 grapes which have been blended to make this wine: 68% Dolcetto 8% Cabernet Sauvignon 8% Merlot 6% Barbera 4% Freisa 4% Bonarda 1% Syrah and 1% Albarossa. 
Bottle £36.00

59.  Purgatori, Costers Del Segre, Torres - 2017  (Spain)
A super intense blend of Grenache, Carigan and Syrah. Dark cherry red with impressively intense fruit pigment. Delicious ripe forest fruit aroma with fine smoky and dried fruit notes.
Bottle £44.00

61. Dezzani Barolo - 2012  (Italy)
Intense nose of black pepper black cherries and spices. Well balanced and expressive with young ripe tannins and an intense medium finish.
Bottle £59.00

62. Antolini Amarone Moropio - 2011/12  (Italy)
Referred to as 'Vino da Meditazione, meditation wine' at 16.5% abv only tackle this wine if you can sleep in tomorrow! A very full red wine made from dried grapes and aged in oak.  Try it with a selection of cheeses at the end of a fine meal. 
Bottle £70.00

Red Wines - Half Bottles

69. Terre de Mistral Cotes du Rhone, Natural Wine. Organic - 2017  (France)
Medium bodied, Grenache, Syrah, from Lirac in the Southern Rhone.  A natural wine made with wild yeast.  Low in sulphur and unfiltered giving way for a fresh, wild red fruit and earth scented red wine.  Great for lamb dishes or with strong cheeses.
½ Bottle £15.00

70. Izadi Rioja Riserva. - 2014  (Spain)
Full bodied, dry red, aged in barrels for two years.  Notes of sweet dark fruits and vanilla and a deep core of crimson fruit.  An easy to drink full red wine that will compliment all dark meats.
½ Bottle £20.00

71. Andre Colonge Beaujolais Villages  - 2017  (France)
100% Gamay, delightful crispy red fruits and fresh acidity combine with light body and supple finish, easy drinking red, ideal for lunchtimes or lighter dishes.
½ Bottle £21.00

72. Simon Hackett Shiraz - 2013  (Australian)
Made from selected Barossa Valley Shiraz grapes this is a classic red wine displaying spicy peppery aromas coupled with a luscious sweet berry palate.
½ Bottle £26.00

Dessert Wines

74. Pfeiffer Rutherglen Muscat 500ml (Australia)
A bouquet of floral and raisin fruit and a luscious palate. The blend has been carefully prepared to incorporate the youthful freshness of the younger parcels with the complex concentrated flavours of the older parcels.
Bottle £28.00, 100ml glass £6.50

75. Monbazillac, Le Jour de Fruit 375ml. Organic (France)
Medium bodied sweet white wine, made from local southern France varieties.  Quite a light and east dessert wine having notes of apricot, peach jam and honey.  Excellent for pairing with fruity desserts or blue cheeses.
Bottle £20.00, 100ml glass £5.75

76. Akashi-Tai Umeshu 'Plum' Sake 500ml (Japan)
Full bodied sweet Sake infused with plum concentrate and aged in oak for 2 years.  This amazing dessert Sake has intense almond, plum jam and battenburg cake aromas.  The palate is very sweet and uncutous.  Amazing with tarts and ice cream.
Bottle £31.00 100ml glass £6.95