The Yorkshire Dales meadows are one of our favourite features of Spring and Summer here in the Yorkshire Dales. Full of thousands of colourful wild flowers, grasses and teeming with vibrant life. But they are also at risk....

In the UK around 97% of meadows have been lost in the last 50 years. These precious and complex habitats are teaming with up to 120 species of wildlife per field. They are home to rare species of flower like wood crane’s-bill and endangered animals like the moss carder bumblebee.

The Yorkshire Dales contain about a sixth of the UK’s remaining upland hay meadows, one of the scarcest and most threatened habitats in Europe. With this in mind we have teamed up with the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust (YDMT) to make sure these vibrant ecosystems will continue to survive changing farming practices.

The Traddock will be supporting a local Hay Meadow near us and helping the local landowner and YDMT protect it for the future. The Traddock now offers a package to our guests, that with every offer booked a part of the package rate will also be contributed to help finance this project. You will have the chance to visit the hay meadow during your stay and learn more about how important this key eco-system is to rare species and bio-diversity. We are hoping to raise over a £1,000 wich will cover the cost of a protecting and meadow near us in Feizor for the year.

Our long term goal is to further enhance this meadow and see its bio-diversity increase along with it acting as a seed donar site for other new meadows.