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Sparkling Wines & Champagnes

1. DO Cava, Petit Albet i Noya, Brut. Organic  (Spain)
Just the perfect all round, approachable 'bubbly', not overly dry but lots of fruit and a soft mousse.
Bottle £27.00 125ml glass £5.00

2 . IGT Prosecco Frizzante – Az. Agr. Cantine Giol. Organic  (Italy)
Brand-new prosecco with refreshing citrus fruits all wrapped up in a gentle spritz.
Bottle £24.00 
glass £5.75

3. Champagne Piollot Cuvee De Reserve Extra Brut N.V. Organic  (France)
The NV Champagnes from Organic producer Piollot are deliciously easy and fruity wines.  A blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, these wines outstanding characteristic is their freshness and drinkability. .
Bottle £53.00 
glass £9.50

4. Champagne Piollot Vintage 2010  (France)
Artisan Champagne, naturally pure and delightfully drinkable.  The Piollot vintage wine manages to be at its core a wine of great depth and voluminous richness but maintains a veil of delightful citrus freshness and acidity particularly on the finish.  100% Chardonnay, the base wines are part fermented in wood with ambient yeasts and the ageing in bottle is 60 months.
Bottle £65.00.

5. Cremant de Loire Rosé Domaine de Veilloux.  (France)
Biodynamic sparkling wine from the central Loire, made from Gamay and Pinot Noir, dry, delicate, with soft red fruits and a long finish, simply Gorgeous aperitif.
Bottle £50.00

White Wines

7. Les Lesc Blanc. - 2015   (France)
Dry, delicious, crisp and great value!.
Bottle £19.00, 175ml glass £5.00

10. Chardonnay, Novas, Emiliana. Organic 2015  (Chile)
Established in 1850, the Carmen estate is the oldest in Chile. A state of the art winery with this experience is a great combination, making great wines.
Bottle £26.50, 175ml glass £6.75

11 . VDP des Cotes de Gascogne, Le Noissette, Domaine Pajot. Organic - 2015  (France)
Damien Barreau is the owner & winemaker at Domaine Pajot and he loves to talk about the ‘l’ete de la Saint Martin’ which is the name of the mild, warm Autumns that they often enjoy, this increases the grape sugar levels to help make this lightly sweet white wine. A great aperitif,  or for those that don’t like dry white wine.               
Bottle £20.00, 175ml glass £5.25

12. Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Azul, Central Valley. - 2015  (France)
Sauvignon Blanc at this price never tasted so good - crisp, lean, intensley aromatic and very quaffable. It’s easy to order the second bottle!
Bottle £22.00, 175ml glass £5.90

13. Pinot Grigio, Ancora. - 2015  (Italy)      
Dry, crisp and delicate, blink and the bottle's gone! 
Bottle £20.00, 175ml glass £5.00

14. Picpoul de Pinet, Mirande. - 2015  (France)
This Picpoul is dry, crisp and delicious.
Bottle £25.00

17.  Bush Vine Chenin Blanc, Good Hope. - 2014  (South Africa)
Great value and packs a punch - from 30 year old bush vines.
Bottle £24.00

19. Davenport Horsmonden,  Organic - 2014  (British)
"Will Davenport's small organic estate makes some of England's finest still wine.  The 2013 is a blinder - its pungent nose of lemon and nettles is not only quintessentially English, but also makes you want to dive in for a sip.  A glass of glorious, spirit lifting refreshment."
Bottle £35.00

20. Alsace Reisling Domaine Mittnacht.  Biodynamic - 2014/15  (France)
Dry, lean and mineral benchmark Riesling - for lovers of this grape variety.
Bottle £32.00

21. Judith Beck Weissburgunder. Biodynamic - 2015  (Austria)
Off dry Biodynamic wine from Burgenland. Austria is emerging as one of the most exciting wine producing countries in Europe particularly for natural production. This off-dry wine, has lovely aromas of exotic fruits with underlying mineral complexity and earthiness on the palate. Delightful fresh white wine for those who prefer white not too dry.
Bottle £35.00

22. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Moko Black  - 2015  (New Zealand)
Zesty citrus and white-stone fruit on the palate with a lingering, refreshing finish. This is a delightfully expressive Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. 
Bottle £30.00

24. Chablis, Clos Beru, Biodynamic - 2014  (France)
Chablis should be one of the worlds great wines. so often it is disappointing. Not with this wine. Athenais makes sublime chardonnay of complexity, richness and class. Absolutely beautiful.
Bottle £40.00

25. Barbera Bianca Cigognola - 2013  (Italy) 
Barbera Fatta in Bianco!  Delicious funky white wine from Lombardia.  The producer Castello di Cigognola are into Barbera in a big way and wanted to make a white wine so they gently pressed the red grapes and then immediately removed the skin so there is no contact with the freshly pressed clear juice. This produces a beautiful, delicate white wine with wonderful aromas of green apple and a long tingling finish.  Ideal aperitif glass or with light fish dishes. Bottle £34.00

26. Macon Fuisse Thibert - 2014/2015  (France)
Great Burgundy, well worth trying before a bottle of red wine.
Bottle £34.00

27. Sancerre, La Vigne Blanche, Henri Bourgeois - 2015  (France)
The 'La Vigne Blanche' comes from vines grown on the hard limestone soils called 'caillottes'.This is the most approachable of the Sancerres with fragrant currant and sherbet flavours.
Bottle £39.00

28. Reserve de Gassac Blanc, Languedoc - 2015  (France)
Dry white from the world famous Daumas Gassac estate in Herault. Grenache Blanc and Marsanne, light, tropical fruits, citrus notes, ripe red apple with a soft texture and medium acidity. Lovely with fish, white meat or on its own!
Bottle £29.0

29. Bourgogne Blanc Janthial, Burgundy. Organic - 2014  (France)
Oak fermented and aged Chardonnay. Delicious armos of ripe apple, peaches and cream with notes of butterscotch. Full bodied palate with beautiful texture and length., lovely wine for roast white meat or game.
Bottle £45.00

Pink Wines

30. Ponte Pietra, Pinot Grigio, Rosato del Veneto. - 2015  (Italy)
When Pinot Grigio is left on the vine until fully ripe the skin takes on a dark pinky hue.  Any maceration with the skins will then result in a dry, delicate coppery coloured wine made in the traditional 'Ramato' style.
Bottle £26.00, 175ml glass £6.00

32. Malbec/Cabernet – Jean Bousquet. Organic - 2015  (Argentina)
A new and slightly different rose; a pretty salmon colour – light fresh and crisp with lots of Malbec fruit flavours.
Bottle £25.00

33. CTX d'Aix en Provence Rose d'Une Nuit, La Coste. Biodynamic - 2015  (France)
Elegant rose from Aix, the best region in the world for light dry rose.
Bottle £30.00

White Wines - Half Bottles

34. Muscadet Sur Lie, Verger. - 2014  (France)
Dry husky white, great with fish or salads at lunch.
½ Bottle £18.00

35. Alsace Riesling Domaine Mittnacht. Biodynamic- 2015  (France)
Dry, lean and mineral benchmark Riesling - for lovers of this grape variety.
½ Bottle £23.00

36. Sancerre, La Vigne Blanche, Henri Bourgeois - 2014  (France)
The 'La Vigne Blanche' comes from vines grown on the hard limestone soils called 'caillottes'.This is the most approachable of the Sancerres with fragrant currant and sherbet flavours.
1/2 Bottle £25.00

37. Albarino Abadia De San Campio - 2014  (Italy)
Bright yellow. Pungent, herb-accented aromas of lemon rind, pear skin and white flowers. A dry, spicy midweight that offers tangy citrus flavors and deeper orchard fruit and melon qualities on the back half. Finishes broad but dry, with solid grip and a refreshingly bitter quality.
½ Bottle £29.00

Red Wines

41. False Bay Pinotage. - 2014  (South Africa)
Best Winery in the area, great fruit character. 
Bottle £21.00, 175ml glass £5.75

42. Merlot, Touchstone. Organic - 2015  (Chile)
This Merlot is full of smooth, jammy black cherry and plum fruits with a good length of flavour - very easy drinking. 
Bottle £22.00, 175ml glass £6.00

43. Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Novas. Organic - 2013  (Chile)
Mocha-tinged cherry and strawberry fruits are the hallmarks of this popular Chilean red, the finish is rich, round and creamy.
Bottle £25.00, 175ml glass £6.00

44. Rioja Artesa. Organic - 2014  (Spain)
The most well known of Spanish wine, soft berry fruits and velvety smooth from start to finish.
Bottle £23.00, 175ml glass £5.75

45. Pasquires (Shiraz). Organic - 2015  (France)
Succulent & spicy, grapes from a 40 year old vine well balanced with plenty of dark fruits, coffee and spice.
Bottle £26.00

46. Malbec  – Familia Cecchin. Organic - 2015  (Argentina)
Familia Cecchin is the first Argentinean winery to become part of the Artisan Craftman Growers, a worldwide association of high quality winemakers.  This wine is born from live vineyards, cared for without chemicals, allowing the grapes to use their own natural yeasts.
Bottle £33.00

47. Cotes Du Rhone, Terre de Mistral. Organic - 2015  (France)
A hazy, deep purple hue gives way to elegant blackberry and raspberry flavours, spicy black pepper and garrigue herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Ideal with game and venison.
Bottle £30.00

48. San Patrignano Aulente Rosso. Organic - 2014  (Italy)
San Patrignano are the world’s largest self-funded community which re-habilitates recovering drug users. Their wines are some of Romagna’s finest and this Sangiovese is man’s red, full bodied with cranberry, crunchy cherry and plum combining with a hefty backbone of sweet tannins and vibrant acidity. Great for steaks!
Bottle £32.50

49. Duoro, Tinto Infantado. - 2012  (Portugal)
Made by a Prince, a great dry, rich and rustic red. The Douro is a source of increasingly interesting and highly drinkable red.
Bottle £34.00

50. Pinot Noir, Nelson, South Island, Richmond Plains. Organic - 2013  (New Zealand)
Soft and easy drinking with good weight and length, plus aromas of cherry, plum and raspberry with a dash of savoury oak.
Bottle £35.00

51. Barbera Dodicidodici Castello di Cigognola - 2012  (Italy) 
Punchy fruit driven Barbera from one of Italy's most opulent wine estates.....This is modern style Barbera and you would expect that when the wine maker is Ricaardo Cotarella who some see as the Robert Parker of Italian wine making.  None the less, this is stunning wine, rich, round, notes of dark plum, black cherry, cassis, spice and sweet oak.  This is lovely wine and for those who love inky reds with plenty of kick, you cannot fail to enjoy it.
Bottle £34.00

53. Cariglio, Terre Nobili. Organic - 2015  (Italy)
A must try, rare wine from the Magliocco grape, if you like big fruity red, you will love this.
Bottle £36.00

54. Bourgogne Rouge Janthial, Burgundy. Organic - 2014  (France)
Barrel aged Pinot Noir aged in 33% new oak for 18 months. fine soft fruit, round supple texture and good fresh acidity. A seriously good "burgundy" that's so delicious. 
Bottle £45.00

56. Chateau Beauséjour, St-Émilion, Bordeaux. Organic - 2014  (France)
Predominantly Merlot, this has the ripeness that makes St-Émilion much more approachable than its left bank cousins.
Bottle £35.00

57. Chianti Classico DOCG, Casale, Tuscany. Biodynamic - 2010  (Italy)
Chianti Classico Casale has beautifully natural ruby colour that leads to enticing aromas of leather, wild raspberry, hints of spice and a lovely wild freshness. This is seriously elegant Chianti, made the way it should be with natural yeast and yields low enough to allow the Sangiovese (a vigorous vine) to express all of its complexity and brilliance.  The pure taste of Tuscany and ideal for game, steaks, and plenty of tomatoes, olives and all things Tuscan.
Bottle £40.00

58. Ink, Judith Beck, Burgenland. Biodynamic- 2015  (Austria)
Pure elegance, showing both youth and vitality. Marco Fay is a superb winemaker.
Bottle £32.00

59.  ‘Gea’ Sant’Antimo Rosso  Paradiso di Frassina. Biodynamic - 2012  (Italy)
Superb wine from a unique producer in Montalcino. Cignozzi has pioneered playing music to his vines which has resulted in a totally bio-dynamic environment. The Gea is finer than many a Brunello with rich sumptuous red cherry & sweet spice on nose & palate. A very special wine!
Bottle £40.00

60. Carmenere Clos Ouvert. Biodynamic - 2011  (France)
Camenere has a moka note behind the rich dark fruit and this is the best one in Chile, smooth and beautifully supple.
Bottle £40.00

61. Barolo Classico, Burlotto - 2011  (Italy)
For us a Barolo is a must on every list and like this it must be a good one. The wine of Kings, the King of wine!
Bottle £51.00

62. Amarone, Moropio - 2011  (Italy)
At 16.5% Vol. only tackle this wine if you can sleep in tomorrow! Stunning Amarone, over £100 in London's top restaurants, a bargain here at The Traddock.
Bottle £75.00

Red Wines - Half Bottles

69. Cotes Du Rhone, Terre de Mistral. Organic - 2014  (France)
A hazy, deep purple hue gives way to elegant blackberry and raspberry flavours, spicy black pepper and garrigue herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Ideal with game and venison.
½ Bottle £15.00

70. Izadi Rioja Riserva. - 2012  (Spain)
Modern style, great concentration and vanilla scents.
½ Bottle £19.00

71. Beaujolais Villages, Colonge  - 2014  (France)
100% Gamay, delightful crispy red fruits and fresh acidity combine with light body and supple finish, easy drinking red, ideal for lunchtimes or lighter dishes.
½ Bottle £20.00

72. Chateau La Tour de By - 2011  (France)
This is an excellent quality classic claret. 
½ Bottle £24.00

Dessert Wines

75. Monbazillac Le Jour de Fruit -  2012  (France)
Sauternes alternative and much better value!
375ml Bottle £20.00, 100ml glass £5.95

76. Plum Saki  (Japan)
Gorgeous dessert wine alternative, or forget the dessert and just have a bottle of this!
500ml Bottle £31.00, 100ml glass £6.50

77. Jurancon Moelleux, Domaine de Souch. Biodynamic - 2014  (France)
This is our favourite dessert wine, Madame de Souch is 85 and still running her world class vineyard. An amazing wine.
100ml glass £6.95